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Allergy avoidance

What is done to reduce the number of fragrance allergies?

  • Allergy avoidance

    Allergy avoidance


From EU’s point of view, there are different ways to limit or eliminate exposure to fragrance allergens (‘primary prevention’).

Prohibition by regulatory measures or other means.

Restriction of the maximum permissible concentration of an allergen, or critical component of natural mixtures according to different uses and product types.

Substitution of the allergen with a suitable less or non-allergenic compounds.

(Re-)formulating the fragrance or fragranced product with the aim of limiting or eliminating those substances for which a sensitising potential has been shown.

Deliberate avoidance of the use of fragrances where they are not essential to the function or purpose of the finished product

And to inform the consumers so that they may make an informed choice to avoid exposure to a particular ingredient