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Natural allergens of special concern

Also plast-based fragrances can cause allergic reactions.

  • Natural allergens of special concern

    Natural allergens of special concern


Also natural fragrance components can cause allergic reactions. The technical distinction is made between “pure chemicals” that only contain one industrially produced (fragrance) ingredient and “natural extracts”. The term “natural extracts” refers to plant or animal derived mixtures of natural chemicals whose composition may be variable and may or may not have been fully or partly established. They are also referred to as essential oils.

Through evaluation of available clinical studies, in 2016 the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety of the EU also identified a number of natural extracts as allergens of special concern that were frequently found to cause allergenic reactions.

Chloroatranol and atranol are the main allergenic components of Evernia prunastri (oakmoss) and Evernia furfuracea (tree moss).

The SCCS concluded in 2004 that chloroatranol and atranol should not be present in cosmetic products, due to their exceptionally high sensitisation potential. Attempts to effectively reduce the content of these compounds in the natural extracts have largely failed to reduce contact allergy to Evernia prunastri and Evernia furfuracea. The data indicates that the number of cases remains high.

In our product database, none of these ingredients was used particularly often. However, you may encounter them more frequently if you use “all natural” products. Be aware that natural fragrances can be as allergenic as any other fragrance ingredient.

Natural allergens of special concern