Change the way you look at cosmetics

Start making informed decisions about the cosmetics you buy. Quickly analyze the list of ingredients to learn which ingredient is potentially harmful and which is good for your skin.

Never again wonder what secrets cosmetics labels hide. Now you have a tool to make conscious choices.

Give your skin a bliss

Main Features


Scan cosmetic products to learn about the ingredients by taking a picture, by uploading a picture from gallery or by copy-pasting ingredients from the Internet


Generate Product Reports containing statistics, functions, detailed info and the ingredients list of a scanned product


Learn which ingredients of the scanned product are good and which potentially harmful for your skin. Decide if this is the product that you want to use or not.

Why Is It Special

Works worldwide

Thanks to the text recognition technology, Skin Bliss can work anywhere

Fast and Simple

Just take a picture and wait for the results

Under constant development

New features are coming soon!

App Screenshots

The Backstory

Skin Bliss app was created to battle the arduous and often confusing process of checking cosmetics ingredients. It can be of use if you are trying to actively avoid certain ingredients, or if you just want to check out a cosmetic product before you purchase it.

Skin Bliss is different from all the other apps offering similar features, because it works world-wide. Other apps rely on scanning barcodes that deems them useless in most parts of the world. Skin Bliss combines the newest text recognition technology with smart algorithms to provide the best results.

Skin Bliss uses a selection of European Databases for cosmetics ingredients to ensure that the provided information is scientifically backed up.

The app is in its early stages with big plans and broad perspectives for the future. If you have suggestions or requests how to improve Skin Bliss, feel free to just message me.

Skincare Online Course

Coming soon!