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Phys-AC 200 Review

Is A-Derma Phys-AC 200 a good product?

A-Derma Phys-AC 200 is suitable to address **dullness**, and especially **acne**. It has a refreshing, and soothing formulation. However, unfortunately this product was made with **poor quality ingredients**. **Positive ingredients** in the product are: Glycerol is an excellent ingredient. Bisabolol reduces irritations and redness. However, some of the ingredients can have a **negative** effect: Fragrance, and Avena Sativa (oat) Kernel Extract can cause allergic reactions.

✦ Is A-Derma Phys-AC 200 good for your skin? ✦ Benefits: what does A-Derma Phys-AC 200 do? ✦ Key ingredients of A-Derma Phys-AC 200 ✦ Where can I buy A-Derma Phys-AC 200?

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Phys-AC 200 from A-Derma is a cleaning cleanser against acne with Bisabolol

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Is A-Derma Phys-AC 200 good for your skin?

It contains Pentylene Glycol and Glycerol, which are moisturizing. Hence, A-Derma Phys-AC 200 is **an OK option for dry skin**. For **oily skin**, A-Derma Phys-AC 200 is **OK**. It contains Pentylene Glycol and Glycerol, which are humectants and are good to moisturize both dry and oily skin. A-Derma Phys-AC 200 is **an OK choice for sensitive skin**. It contains Bisabolol, which reduces irritations and redness. A-Derma Phys-AC 200 is **a very good choice for acne**. It contains a number of ingredients that are good for acne prone skin such as Pentylene Glycol, Avena Sativa (oat) Kernel Extract, and Bisabolol.

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Phys-AC 200 has vegan ingredients only.

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Not Cruelty Free

To our knowledge, products from A-Derma are not cruelty free and do not have any cruelty free certificates.

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A-Derma Phys-AC 200 is produced by Pierre Fabre S.A. which is located in France.

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Key Ingredient

Avena Sativa (oat) Kernel Extract

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Key Ingredient


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Key Ingredient

Pentylene Glycol

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It is vegan.

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It is very good against acne

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Where can I buy A-Derma Phys-AC 200?

A-Derma Phys-AC 200 is sold in the following stores and countries:

[['AT', 'Notino', 11.9, 'EUR', ''], ['CH', 'Notino', 12.2, 'CHF', ''], ['CZ', 'Notino', 293.0, 'CZK', ''], ['DE', 'Notino', 11.9, 'EUR', ''], ['ES', 'Notino', 13.9, 'EUR', ''], ['FR', 'Notino', 12.1, 'EUR', ''], ['GB', 'Notino', 11.9, 'GBP', ''], ['IT', 'Notino', 12.9, 'EUR', ''], ['PT', 'Notino', 11.3, 'EUR', ''], ['SK', 'Notino', 14.1, 'EUR', ''], ['UA', 'Notino', 390.0, 'UAH', '']]