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Is Nivea Soft 50 a good product?

Nivea Soft 50 is suitable to address **uneven texture**, and **dullness**. It has a hydrating formulation. However, unfortunately this product was made with **low quality ingredients**. It can have **negative** effects on redness, irritated skin, acne, and sensitive skin. The product contains a number of **very effective** ingredients: Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, and Glycerol are excellent ingredients. Paraffinum Liquidum is a mineral oil based occlusive. However, some of the ingredients can be **concerning**: Paraffinum Liquidum can worsen oily skin. Myristyl Myristate can worsen acne.

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Soft 50 from Nivea is a hydrating moisturizer with Paraffinum Liquidum

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Is Nivea Soft 50 good for your skin?

Nivea Soft 50 is **not an ideal choice for dry skin**. This is a product on water basis. Nivea Soft 50 is **not an ideal choice for oily skin**. It contains Paraffinum Liquidum, which can worsen oily skin. For **sensitive skin**, Nivea Soft 50 is **bad**. It contains a number of ingredients that can cause allergic reactions such as Butylene Glycol, Lanolin Alcohol, and Phenoxyethanol. Nivea Soft 50 is **a bad choice for acne**. It contains Paraffinum Liquidum and Glyceryl Stearate, which may worsen fungal acne.

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Not Vegan

Soft 50 has ingredients that are typically not vegan. Unless explicitly stated on the package, it is not vegan.

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Not Cruelty Free

Products from Nivea are not cruelty free.

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Nivea Soft 50 is produced by Beiersdorf AG which is located in Germany.

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Key Ingredient

Jojoba (buxus Chinensis) Oil

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Key Ingredient

Tocopheryl Acetate

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Key Ingredient

Paraffinum Liquidum

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Key Ingredient


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Where can I buy Nivea Soft 50?

Nivea Soft 50 is sold in the following stores and countries:

[['AT', 'Notino', 2.7, 'EUR', ''], ['CH', 'Notino', 2.9, 'CHF', ''], ['CZ', 'Notino', 66.0, 'CZK', ''], ['DE', 'Notino', 2.4, 'EUR', ''], ['ES', 'Notino', 2.7, 'EUR', ''], ['FR', 'Notino', 2.7, 'EUR', ''], ['GB', 'Notino', 2.5, 'GBP', ''], ['IT', 'Notino', 2.8, 'EUR', ''], ['PT', 'Notino', 2.8, 'EUR', ''], ['SK', 'Notino', 2.7, 'EUR', ''], ['UA', 'Notino', 80.0, 'UAH', '']]